Alexander Siboni

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Mr. Alexander Siboni’s profile:

Mr. Siboni has a long-standing experience within the following:

Vocational Education and Training

  • Capacity building of local experts in development of modularised competence and learning outcome based curriculum, instruments of  asessment and training material, qualifications including lifelong learning approach
  • Implementation of institutional development by setting up management structures, social partnerships, vocational guidance and counselling as well as training, coaching and handholding of school management including writing of school business plans

Teacher training

  • Conducting training needs analysis of teachers via observations, interviews, questionnaires and workshop facilitating
  • Preparing and implementing teachers training in applied pedagogics, student –  centred teaching methods and training activities, development of training material and teacher/training evaluation tools

Countries of experience:

Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Moldova, Bosnia Herzegovina, Libya, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Pakistan.

Working languages:

Danish, English and good command of Russian

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