Niels Peter Jensen

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Mr. Niels Peter Jensen’s profile:

Mr. Jensen has more than 15 years of experience as an international consultant with key competencies within the following:

  • Wide experience as Project Manager and Team Leader of complex international technical assistance projects;
  • Experience in modernising public administration,  among this strengthening the institutonal capacity of labour market institutions (Minitries, Employment Services, etc. );
  • Years responsibility with institutional restructuring and privatisation of public owned industries;
  • Competent with regional development policies, labour market and social policies;
  • Extensive experience in Labour Market Monitoring, Analysis and Forecasts;
  • Elaboration, implementation and evaluation of Active Labour Market measures;
  • Elaboration of ToR’s for TA and SPSP projects and evaluation of SPSP projects
  • Vast experience in Mobility Centre development and management

Countries of experience

Armenia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Greenland , Belarus, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Portugal and Greece.

Working languages

English and Danish (mother tongue)

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