Project titlePromotion of the Involvement of Private Sector Organisations in VET
PeriodMarch 2021 to October 2021
Services provided

SNKE on Labour Market Analysis

  • Assist Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and five sector Associations (Georgian Wine producers Association (GWA), Georgian Tourism Association (GTA), Georgian Logistics Association (GLA), Information Technology Association of Georgia (ITAG) and Infrastructure Construction Companies Association of Georgia (ICCA) plan and implement sector skills need assessment analysis with the aim to narrow the gap between demand and supply of skills now and in the near future.
  • Questionnaires, Sampling, focus groups and analysis of results.
Financed byGIZ
Project titleTA to Skills Development for Matching Labour Needs in Georgia
PeriodOctober 2019 to October 2023
Services provided

KE3 on Labour Market Analysis

  • Assisting the MoESD comply with the SRPC variable performance indicators related to LMA (Sector Skills Anticipation analysis of 2 sectors and a 5-year forecast of the labour market balance for the whole economy)
  • Elaboration of a Labour Market Information Data Warehouse collecting digital data from different Ministries and Agencies to monitor and forecast the balance for skills
  • Assist upgrading of EMIS and LMIMS portals for the MoES and MoIDPLHSA
  • Involvement of Social Partners in the design, implementation and analysis of LMI
Financed byEC
Project titleSupport to Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Azerbaijan
PeriodMay 2018 to July 2018
Services provided

SNKE on Review VET system Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and recommendations for monitoring the progress.

Financed byEC
Project titleConsultancy Services for Provision of Skills and Management Capacity Upgrading of Eight Technical Institutes In Uganda
PeriodOctober 2021 – June 2023
Services provided

Provision of TVET expert to

  • Implementation of on-line training for TVET managers
Financed byOPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)
Project titleTVET Blueprint
PeriodJuly 2020 – October 2021
Services provided

Provision of TVET expert to

  • Analysis of Kenya TVET by undertaking desk study, qualitative study and case studies.
  • Development of TVET concept paper and TVET Blueprint.

Responsible for the Relevance component.

Financed byMastercard Foundation
Project titleSupport to Revision of Harmonised Curricula within Construction level 2-3, Introduction to Revised Curricula and Technical Upskilling of Construction Instructors
PeriodMarch 2019 - April 2020
Services provided

Provision of Team Leader to:

  • Support MoLYS&MD and TEVETA in the revision and further development of the revised harmonised construction curricula
  • Plan and implement introduction workshops for assesssors, verifiers and inspectors
  • Plan, implement and co-ordinate technical upskilling of construction instructors
Financed byUNESCO/EU
Project titleDevelopment of Vocational and Education Qualifications in line with the Labour Market Needs
PeriodSeptember 2019 - August 2021
Services provided

Provision of Team Leader to

  • Increase provision of VET curricula based on learning outcomes
  • Stengthening co-operation between vocational education (VET) and business sector
  • promote and disseminate developments
Financed byEU
CountrySierra Leone
Project titleEmployment Promotion Programme III
PeriodFebruary 2018 – July 2018
Services provided

Provision of team leader to

  • develop in six occupations
    • occupational competency profiles
    • competency-based curricula
    • list of standard training equipement
    • specifications of training workshop equipment and teaching and learning materials
  • draft public-private partnership framework
Financed byGIZ
Project titleSupport to training of in-company trainers
PeriodFebruary 2018 – July 2018
Services provided

Provision of an expert, assigned to

  • elaborate  profiles of in-company trainers and  and ensuring that the profiles are approved;
  • elaborate training programme for in-company trainers with training materials and ensuring that the materials are approved;
Financed byETF
Project titleSupport to Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Azerbaijan.
PeriodJanuary 2017 – September 2020
Services provided

Provision of an expert to Assist the NKE LTE on governance (component 2) to:

  • Assessing the needs of the VE Agency in terms of governance and management capacity and finalise the design part of the training program on Governance and Management
  • Support the process of developing a strategy for the Agency strategy: design, implementation, follow-up, closely linked to the M&E process. This include finalisation of KPI’s
  • Support to development of decision-making routines and tools, based on Result Based Management Approach and the permanent use of management tools, such as the Balance Score Card.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of high operational standards (policies and procedures), including identification of these main policies and procedures through mapping exercises and flow charts dully validated with the management of the Agency.
  • Development of guidelines on internal management regulations.
  • Support HR development functions.
Financed byEuropeAid/137866/DH/SERR/AZ
Project titleModernisation of the Educational Programmes and Teacher Training
PeriodFebruary 2016 – July 2017
Services provided

Provision of Team Leader, as replacement of the first TL

  • every day liaision with relevant stakeholders, project co-ordination, supervision and management of 9 ST experts.
  • worked on preparing: Guidelines on Skills Forecast – including a Tracer Study methodology based on administrative records and an employer led database for in-company training and capacity building of tri-partite Sector Commission members and secretariats;
Financed byEuropeAid
Project titleYouth Entrepreneurship and Employment Project
PeriodApril 2018 – September 2018
Services provided

Provision of Team Leader, responsible for

  • Assistance to Ministry of Youth and Sport (MoYS) in three areas:
    • 1. Skills Development f. Employment; 3 CBET curricula developed with industry representatives, teachers and managers of selected TVET college trained, students put in industry attachment.
    • 2. Job Readiness Program; support to university in establishing career guidance centre and establishing job placements.
    • 3. Capacity building of MoYS; establishment of M&E framework, MIS and communication strategy
Financed byAfrican Development Bank
Project titleConsultancy for developing TVETA accreditation procedures and manuals, and conducting training of TVETA staff, monitors and evaluators in Kenya
PeriodAugust 2018
Services provided

Provision of  TVET Expert, responsible for

  • Implementing a workshop for TVETA staff on Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) and Occupation Standards
Financed byAfrican Development Bank
Project titleConsultancy services for development of seven (7) occupational standards and competency based curricula
PeriodSeptember 2017 – March 2018
Services provided

Provision of Team Leader, responsible for

  • Assistance to Curriculum Development
  • Assistance to Assessment and Accreditation Council (CDAAC) in setting up sector skills advisory committees,
  • assistance to development of  7 occupational standards, 7 curricula and 7 learning guides
Financed byAfrican Development Bank
Project titleSTEP, Sustainable Training and Education Programme
PeriodNovember – December 2016
Services provided

Provision of aLabour Market Workshop Facilitator, assigned to

  • contribute to increased TVET quality but enabling the participants to develop concepts that provide feedback to colleges and the TVET system as such on the quality and relevance of the training offered to former students, and to assess the need of companies for additional training.
  • facilitate workshop over 10 days. Deliverables developed during the workshop: Survey questionnaires for tracer study and labour market surveys (LMIS), manuals for tracer study and LMIS, Excel-based concept for data analysis, and matrix showing roles and responsibilities in connection with surveys
Financed byGIZ
Project titleTechnical Assistance for provision of Career Services through Multi Partnership Model
PeriodJanuary 2016 – May 2017
Services provided

Provision of an expert, responsible for


  • carrying out preparatory analysis, and support to development and expansion of Career Centres in three Universities in the TR21 Region,
  • development of a multi stakeholder partnership model,  including ensuring a smooth planning and implementation of activities,
  • management of NKES, reporting, contact to beneficiaries, and stakeholders,
  • co-ordination planning and reporting.
  • in general, contributions to activities, workshops and analysis.
Financed byEuropAid 130016/SER/BD
Project titleEx-ante evaluation (Baseline Study) and Monitoring of the Project “Support to Employment Creation in Mongolia (SECIM)”
PeriodMay 2016 – May 2017
Services provided

Provision of Team Leader

Baseline study:

  •  Review of the policy framework (policies, strategies and plans) regarding the employment sector, and with a focus on the areas of the SECIM’s areas of intervention;
  • Institutional review related to the employment sector and with a focus on the areas of the SECIM’s areas of intervention;
  • Review of the Active Labour Market Policy (ALMP) Measures, including support schemes;
  • Review of existing monitoring framework and the inter-ministerial coordination;
  • Assessment of the actual Labour Market Information Systems (LMIS);
  • Review and an assessment of the quality of the available statistics / indicators including possibly their collection on eight aspects;
  • Review the actual Logical Framework of the SECIM project;
  • Provision of global and specific recommendations for each institutional and implementing partner of the project and other possible stakeholders;

Monitoring the SECiM projects:

  • Monitoring: 4 criteria assessment (following the EC ROM handbook 2015),
  • Assessment, review and comment on the relevance and practicability of the proposed monitoring system and all indicators of the database.
Financed byFWC BENEFICIARIES 2013 – LOT 9: Culture, Education, Employment and Social EuropeAid/132633/C/SER/multi
CountryBotswana, DRC, Malawi, Namibia and Zambia
Project title“Better Education for Africa’s Rise”
PeriodNovember 2015 – April 2016
Services provided

Provision of Team Leader, responsible for

  • Identification of TVET teachers’ and managers` required competencies in three dimensions: pedagogy, technical and management.
  • Design of adequate training to meet the needs.
  • Identification of suitable trainers to conduct the training. Co-operation with and capacity building to relevant national ministries like MoE and MoL.
Financed byUNESCO
Project titleYouth Devlopment Project implemented by VSO, and Uganda Youth Entrepreneurship project implemented by Enterprise Uganda
PeriodNovember 2015 – March 2016
Services provided

Provision of an evaluation expert, assigned as team leader, responsible for

  • the design, planning, implementation of the analysis and reporting.
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis, covering more than 3000 respondents, and a team of 12 enumerators.
Financed byDFID
Project titleThe Horumatinta Eligma (Youth VET and Employment Project)
PeriodSeptember – November 2015
Services provided

Provision of an expert, responsible for

  • design, planning and implementation of a tracer study, including more than 500 respondents, more than 12 schools, and management of a team of 12 enumerators.
  • development of design, questionnaires, implementation of data collection, analysis and reporting.
Financed bySave the Children
Project titleEnhancement of Employment through Vocational Training
PeriodAugust 2015
Services provided

Provision of an evaluation expert, responsible for

  • identification of what had worked well and what not so well,
  • assessment of project results , – if the project had achieved its results and outcomes
  • combined this should add to lessons learned for future projects.
  • development of design, questionnaires, implementation of data collection, analysis and reporting


Financed byDFID
Project titleWomen Entrepreneurship Development Program
PeriodAugust 2014 – March 2015
Services provided

Provision of a key expert to:

  • Plan and carry out TVET teacher competency assesment in 11 TVET colleges in Ethiopia, focusing at TVET teachers and colleges capacity to deliver entrepreneurship and vocational training to women entrepreneurs.
  • Develop a modularised entrepreneurship sensitisation course, including entrepreneurship sensitisation, adult learning and gender methologogies
Financed byWorld Bank
Project titleSupport for the VET sector in the Republic of Moldova
Period June 2014 – December 2015
Services provided

Provision of Team leader, assigned to

  • Assist the Government in implementing the structural reform in VET and to improve the Social Dialogue by establishing 5 or more Sector Committees in the most important economic sectores
  • Develop the framework for Quality Assurance and Quality Management in VET as well as to improve the quality of the learning processes and learning outcomes
  • Strengthening of the capacities of the key stakeholders involved in the VET SPSP
  • Raise the awareness of the VET professionals and the general public on the new reformed VET system
Financed byEU ENPI
Project titleSupport to the Technical Vocational Education and Training Project
Period July 2014 to January 2015
Services provided

Provision of Team leader, repsponsible for – Assistance to the development of inception                                                                                   report, annual work plan and initial plan of                                                                                   activities such as

  • Support to  establishment of national VQF
  • Training of school managers
  • Establishment of QA measures
  • Support to NLRC and the six RMCs
Financed byEU
Project titleIdentification and selection of an optical system for forecasting labour market demand in human resouces
PeriodApril to August 2014
Services provided

Provision of Labour market analysis expert, responsible for

  • Proposal for implementation of a ISCO 08 classificatory in Kazakhstan
  • Comparative analysis of labour market forecast methodologies
  • Templates and guidelines for labour market forecast reports – including spreadsheets and output tables
Financed by Government of Kazakhstan, Information- Analytical Centre for Employment Issues
Project titleSupport to elaboration of a Budget Employment and TVET Sector support Programme for the Jordian Government covering the period 2015-2019
PeriodJanuary to April 2014
Services provided

Provision of  Team leader and senior educational expert, responsible for

  • A final draft identification fiche
  • A final report
  • 2 participatory consultation workshops of 1 day duration
  • A final draft programme, Action Fiche defining future programme intervention
  • A final draft financing agreement, including all annexes such as TAPs and a revised log-frame
  • A final draft of terms of reference for technical assistance within the future programme
Financed byEuropeAid
Country Kazakhstan
Project titleSupport to the Vocational Education and Training System in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Period March 2011 to October 2013
Services provided

Provision of 2 key experts plus 2 SNKEs, resposible for

  • Strategic development – public- private partnership at national, sectoral and regional level
  • Co-operativ school management – management by objectiv and public – private partnership at institutional level
  • Co-operative school management boards
  • Interships and study visits
Financed byEuropeAid
Project titleChinese Business Delegation visit to Denmark
PeriodSeptember 2012
Services provided

Provision of 2 experts, responsible for

  • Organisation of a Business Delegation visit to Denmark for 5 top level managers of Chinese companies and 4 managers from the Hebei Provincial Government.
  • Invitations, visa, accommodation, setting up of business meetings with potential Danish business partners within Medical Instruments, High Tech Led Lightning, Jewellery,Steel Products, and Wine and Liquor import and export.
Financed by Hebei Provincial Government
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Project titleEU Support to the co-ordination and implementation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s National Youth Policy
PeriodApril 2012 to December 2013
Services provided

Provision of Team Leader-  on project to create conditions for better and more efficient                                                     dialogue and more functional coordination among                                                                     stakeholders responsible for youth issues in BiH.

Results to be achieved

  • Capacities of the Youth Commission in BIH (CCYI) for efficient and effective implementation of its mandate as well as of other beneficiaries of the project enhanced
  • A platform for monitoring and evaluation and for collection of statistical data related to the youth issues developed
  • Structures/models required for full participation in Community Programs related to youth designed
  • Recommendations for future activities developed
Financed byEuropeAid – IPA
Project titleFurther Modernisation of the Employment Service Agency
PeriodJanuary to May 2013
Services provided

Provision of an expert, responsible for

  • Providing training of ESA employees in the career guidance and employment counselling topics, including profiling unemployed persons and elaboration, conclusion, follow up and revision of the individual employment plans
Financed byEuropeAid – IPA
Project titleReviews of the Sector Support Programme for Continuation of Vocational Education and Training (VET) Reform and Development of an Employment Strategy
PeriodMarch 2012 to April 2013
Services provided

Provision of a senior expert in labour market/employment, assisting in:

  • a detailed review of the implementation of the SSP in Armenia,
  • enabling the Commission to use the submitted reports as a tool for decisions on instalment, disbursement and programme execution. – In addition to this evaluation, the EC was provided with recommendations on the direction of the supported policy reforms and on options for future budget support programmes in Armenia.
  • reviewing and reporting on the status of implementation of conditionalities relevant to Labour Market/Employment sector.
Financed byEU Aid Programme
Project titleInternational Expertise to Support the Process for the Draft Law on Public Employment Services in Kosovo
PeriodDecember 2012 to February 2013
Services provided

Provision of a senior expert to

  • aeview concept note as basis for the PES law consultation process and Kosovo PES model
  • analyze existing laws and regulations – including individual articles in specific laws – involving labour market, employment promotion and protection aspects of related key public institutions in Kosovo
  • participate in meetings with local relevant stakeholders, with the aim to support the mapping process and understand the Kosovo context.
  • draft a report with all the findings, to emphasise the critical laws/regulations and articles in laws/regulations which will need amendments in case of development of a new law on employment promotion and protection, including the new public employment service.
  • the report highlighted (when the case) the overlapping, the gap or contradictions among existing legal framework on the issues of employment promotion and protection system in Kosovo.
Financed byETF
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Project titleEU Support to Vocational Education and Training in Bosnia and Herzagovina IV
PeriodJanuary 2011 to December 2012
Services provided

Provision of Key Expert on Development of Occupational Standards.

  • Basic training in development occupational standards and metdodology for development of training standards and harmonisation of current curricula with training standards for selected occupations;
  • Training activities, workshops and seminars in order to support development of specific descriptors;
  • Workshops for development of a road map for occupational standards for all occupations;
Financed byEurpoeAid – IPA
Project titleLabour Market Reform and Workforce Development in Montenegro
PeriodNovember to December 2011
Services provided

Provision of a senior expert to:

  • facilitate discussions about preferred model(s) with the National Career Guidance & Counselling Working Group/Employment Agency of Montenegro.
  • selecting an existing model for career guidance according to quality standards used in an EU Member State.
  • developing/adapting quality standards suitable for Montenegrin Employment Service (including Career Guidance Centres).
  • piloting standards.
  • evaluating standards
Financed byEuropeAid – IPA
CountryWestern Balkan and Turkey
Project titleMutual Learning Project – Community of Practice on Activation
PeriodSeptember 2010 to February 2011
Services provided

Provision of a senior expert, responsible for:

  • contribution of written comments and feedback to the metdodological development, and standard questionnaire.
  • contribution  in writing to the policy paper, providing a description of relevant good practices of PES in EU member states and (pre-) accession countries, and recommendations, specifying who is addressed and concerned and distinguishing between strategies and measures within and outside the competencies and scope of the PES
Financed byETF
CountryNorthern part of Cyprus
Project titleSupport to VET, labour market and LLL systems in the northern part of Cyprus.
PeriodFebruary 2010 to December 2011
Services provided

Provision of a key expert on LLL and Career Counseling, responsible for:

  • improvement of the functioning of employment services,
  • introducing the concepts of Career Counselling and Life-Long Learning (LLL),
  • support more flexibility and innovation in the Labour market system. The main tasks were
    • assessing lifelong career guidance systems, and the need for capacity building of systems for career guidance and quality standards in career guidance systems
    • draft a manual on career guidance, training need analysis and preparation of training programmes. A part of this was to promote social dialogue as a key element in LLL strategies and measures within and outside the competencies and scope of the PES.
Financed byEU Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community
Project titleInternational Training Programme – Project Management Course
PeriodApril to October 2010
Services provided

Provision of Short Term Training Expert in Project Management;

  • 2 x 2 week training sessions where 60 (30+30) staff members of MOFCOM / DOFCOM has been trained in Project Management;
Financed bySIDA Nr. 05CH
Project titleTechnical Assistance for Improving the Quality of the Public Employment Service
PeriodJanuary to April 2011
Services provided

Provision of a Team Leader. The activities comprised initial planning and preparation of activities like:

  • Improving the institutional capacity of provincial directorates of IŞKUR to deliver better public employment services in 43 provincial offices;
  • Improving the Labour Market Information system of IŞKUR;
  • Guidance services regarding jobs, vocation and career opportunities and the public employment services improved in 12 NUTS-II regions;
  • A model for active labour market monitoring is elaborated to increase the      efficiency of active labour market measures;
  • The function of Provincial Employment and Vocational Training Boards is      improved to envisage, implement and monitor employment policies in 12      NUTS-II regions;
  • Increased access to IŞKUR services;
  • Policy making capacity of MoLSS, IŞKUR and Social Partners regarding employment is increased;


Financed byEuropeAid
Project titleLabour Market Reform and Workforce Development in Montenegro
PeriodFebruary to July 2011
Services provided

Provision of a STE on Monitoring & Evaluation of Employment Active Measures

  • A review of existing monitoring system;
  • A Manual for monitoring grant schemes supporting local employment projects – including both technical and financial monitoring;
  • Training programme designed;
  • Training programme delivered for MLSW and EAM staff as well as for local staff;
  • Mission reports;
Financed byEuropeAid/128316/C/SER/ME
Project titleSupport to the Vocational Education and Training in Kazakhstan
PeriodMarch to December 2011
Services provided

Provision of a Key, Medium and a Short Term Expert;

  • Handbook on Social Dialogue in VET;
  • Recommendation report for VET councils and their secretariats.
  • Report on Survey methods;
  • Workshops and seminars;
  • Draft Occupational Standard for Motor Vehicle Mechanics and Repairers;
  • Template for a Machine Engineering SQF Strategy and Action Plan;
  • Study visit to Denmark for 12 high ranking members of national, sector and regional VET councils;
Financed byEuropeAid/129252/C/SER/KZ
Project titleMonitoring the Implementation by the GoG of the VET SPSP
PeriodMay to December 2011
Services provided

Provision of replacement Team Leader

  • Reports (Aide Memoires, Mid-term and Final)
  • Recommendations on co-ordination of activities between the MoES, its Agencies and other institutions, organisations and between donors;
  • Assessment of capacity building (including training needs) of the MoES and its Agencies;
  • Advice and recommendations on the policy of quality management in VET, guidelines and procedures – including development of the NQF system;
  • Draft ToRs submitted by the MoES and/or its Agencies and agreed with the EU Delegation for the Technical Assistance component of the Programme;
  • A 1-day workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of VET programmes;
  • A manual on tracer studies for monitoring the employment rate of VET graduates;
  • A 1 day workshop on drafting different types of reports – including monitoring and progress reports;
  • Proposal for a monitoring system based on enrolment, drop-out, graduation and employment rates of VET students;
Financed byEuropeAid/127054/C/SER7multi
Project titleTVET project – Policy and Operational Framework Reform
PeriodFebruary 2009 – March 2010
Services provided

Provision of a team leader.

  • Liaison with MCA-Mongolia;
  • Day-to-day project management;
  • Institutional strengthening of national bodies;
  • Organisation of a study tour for high-level TVET stakeholders;
  • Mobilisation of private sector associations and working groups to establish the private sector as the driving force in the Mongolian TVET system;
  • Support members of the Parliament with technical and financial assistance to foster sufficient support for change in the legislative framework that defines TVET programming;
  • Oversee a broad advocacy and civic promotion program that will involve students, parents, local government and members of parliament in the change process;
Financed byMillennium Challenge Cooperation
Project titleTechnical Assistance to the MoES on Life Long Learning
PeriodFebruary 2008 – February 2010
Services provided

Provision of a key expert, assigned to:

  • Contribute to developing the basic skills programme, specifically leading on development of curriculum content for literacy, numeracy, basic vocational, employability and entrepreneurship skills;
  • Prepare and implement workshops on aspects of programme design including curriculum development on literacy, numeracy, vocational, entrepreneurship and employability skills and cross-cutting issues for the curriculum developers;
  • Prepare and implement the training programme for adult basic skills trainers, including training on the implementation of practical skills training for low-skilled adults;
  • Support trainers in preparing their pilot programmes and development of training materials for literacy, numeracy, selected vocational skills, entrepreneurship and employability;
  • Provide support and feedback to trainers during implementation of the pilot courses, and contribute to the evaluation of the programme.
Financed byEU Cards
Project titleTechnical Assistance to Active Employment Measures and Support to Turkish Employment Organisation at Local Level
PeriodApril 2009 – February 2010
Services provided

Provision of a short-term expert, responsible for:

  • the design and implementation of labour market monitoring and
  • Customer surveys.
Financed byEU Phare
Project titleTechnical Assistance for Strengthening the Capacity in Management, Leadership and Planning of the Ministry of Labour of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (MOL)
PeriodSeptember 2008 – May 2009
Services provided

Provision of team leader.

  • Delivering a training programme in management and leadership for the MOL top management group, combined with day-to-day supervision – Five interactive courses for 12-15 participants lasting 1-2 days each.
  • Introducing the top Management Group to Management by Objectives (MbO) as alternative to Management by Law in combination with Labour Market Information System (LMI). – Two one day seminars for 12-15 participants.
  • Carry out a training needs analyses (TNA) together with selected MoL staff.
  • Provide support to the operation of MOL through required staff training by delivering a number of workshops and training seminars.
    a) three training sessions in quality management lasting one day each for Department supervisors – 12-15 participants.
    b) three training sessions in daily quality management and motivation for staff facing new tasks, services delivery and identification of qualifications required. Each sessions lasting two days for 12-15 participants.
  • Organise a workshop in planning and target setting and proper use of staff – 1 day workshop for 12-15 top managers of MOL.
  • Support the MOL internally in planning TVET training based on observed training needs of the labour market.
  • A seminar delivered to a selected group of staff and an audience including the social partners, other international projects and other stake holders.
Financed byEU MEDA
Project titleTechnical Assistance for Institutional strengthening of the Ministry of Labour of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – (extension)
PeriodFebruary – May 2008
Services provided

Provision of team leader/technical expert.

  • Assistance to MOL in the implementation of a new structure defined during the 2007 project phase;
  • Assistance in the development of visions and strategies for six new main departments of MOL;
  • Assistance to MOL in preparing a timetable for the implementation;
  • Assistance to MOL in defining a training programme ensuring the achievement of goals and objectives.
Financed byEU Association Agreement Programme
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
Project titleEmployment Policy Reform and Establishment of Labour Information System
PeriodJanuary – October 2008
Services provided

Provision of a short-term expert, responsible for:

  • Conducting meetings and workshops in order to develop labour market indicators/input data and a system of data collection from institutions at all levels, based on needs and international standards and to develop an efficient reporting system.
  • Writing a draft for an employment strategy for BiH, FBiH, RS and BD and introducing the concept of developing an employment strategy according to the acquis communautaire of the European Union.
Financed byEU Cards
Project titleSupport capacity building for the employment institutions/ employment regional offices in Kosovo
PeriodSeptember 2008
Services provided

Provision of a short-term expert to:

  • Facilitate and support discussion on the HR capacity needs for the employment institutions/employment regional offices in Kosovo.
  • Draft “Capacity Building Work Plan 2009-2012″.
Financed byEU- IPA
Project titleTechnical Assistance to the EC Delegation in Ankara for the implementation of the HRD OP
PeriodJanuary – May 2009
Services provided

Provision of a short-term expert, responsible for:

  • A situation analysis report summarising current situation of and existing gaps in the fields of employment of disadvantaged persons
  • A report including good practice projects for disadvantaged people implemented in EU Member States or candidate country other than Turkey
Financed byLOT 4
CountryNorthern part of Cyprus
Project titleSupport to VET, labour market and LLL systems in the northern part of Cyprus
PeriodOctober 2009
Services provided

Provision of a short-term expert, responsible for:

  • Improvement of the inclusion of disadvantaged groups (=groups at distance to the labour market) in the labour market
Financed byEU Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community
Project titleProgramme for Vocational Training and Job Creation in the Western Provinces
PeriodJanuary 2005 – June 2008
Services provided

Provision of two short-term experts:

  • Support the newly established employment centre in Yan An, to get into operation quickly and efficiently;
  • Delivery of a Training of Trainers in job search for counsellors;
  • Review previous training, and training needs assessment of staff at employment office;
  • Development of practical guidelines, assistance and coaching to getting the employment office operational in a demand driven labour market;
  • Delivery of career and education guidance training;
Financed byGTZ
Project titleTA for establishing indicators for monitoring the Greenland education programme
PeriodSeptember 2007 – May 2008
Services provided

Provision of a short-term expert:

  • Development of indicators for monitoring
Financed byEU framework
Project titleTechnical Assistance for Institutional Building in the TVET sector
PeriodNovember 2007 – November 2008
Services provided

Provision of a non key labour market expert

  • Review of 8 regional labour market analysis methodologies;
    – Enterprise surveys;
    – Tracer studies;
    – Labour market analysis based on available statistics;
    – International, Inter-regional and Intra-regional benchmarking;
  • Proposals for 8 methodologies for 8 regional updated labour market analysis;
  • Manual on updating of 8 regional labour market analysis based on statistical records and administrative records;
  • Proposal for a national Higher Education sector tracer study;
  • Elaboration and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system for the Regional and Local Education Action Plans;
  • Training of 170 members of the Regional consortia and Local Development Committees in monitoring and evaluation;
  • Training of 150 regional consortium members in updating the labour market analysis and the REAP’s and LEAP’s;
Financed byEU Phare
Project titleAdult Learning
PeriodSeptember 2007 – March 2009
Services provided

Provision of a team leader,  responsible for implementation of 6 components with the following results:

  • Data and information base is established with metdodology for data collection in adult learning developed and concept for non-public & public online availability of database identified.
  • Staff and policy are developed for systemic innovation and development of an integrated policy implementation framework in the field of adult learning.
  • Existing financing arrangements for adult learning are revised and new designed.
  • Quality of training programmes and providers is assured and the modernisation of the programme accreditation process is discussed. New elements of the national qualification framework are piloted.
  • Basic skills programme for adults is improved and adult training providers and trainers are trained in methodology and delivery of adult training.
  • Learning campaign is carried out involving a one-year comprehensive national campaign on adult learning.
Financed byEU Cards
CountryEuropean Training Foundation
Project titleAssessment and benchmarking of ETF project identification practices
PeriodApril – November 2007
Services provided

Provision of two experts:

  • to carry out a study of the measures and activities that ETF uses to support HRD reform in its partner countries,
  • an assessment of the processes to prepare assistance projects,
  • a benchmarking exercise against good practice in relevant aid bodies
  • an assessment of possible changes to ETF’s project identification processes in tde light of the ETF’s proposed new functions and the EC’s new instruments for external assistance.
Financed byEU – Framework
Project titleTechnical Assistance for Strengthening Social Dialogue, for Innovation and Change
PeriodMay 2006 – November 2007
Services provided

Provision of key expert in issues related to the acquis communautaire in the social field and social dialogue.

  • Advising the Ministry of Labour on legislative and practical matters related to social policy acquis and in setting up information databases.
  • Setting up thematic work groups with participation of social partners.
  • Developing information material and providing training in social dialogue.
  • Providing input and advice on social dialogue practices in EU Member States.
Financed byEU. The National Pre-Accession Financial Assistance Programme for Turkey 2004
Project titleSupport to Vocational Education and Training Reform in Albania, II
PeriodApril 2006 – December 2007
Services provided

Provision of an expert on Curriculum Development and Teacher Training responsible for:

  • implementation of an updated Curriculum System
  • development of an in-service and pre-service system for teacher and instructor training.
Financed byEU Cards
Project titleSupport to the Labour Market Authorities and Vocational Education Services in working towards improving the Labour Market in Moldova
PeriodJanuary 2006 – January 2009
Services provided

Konsortium partner. Provision of deputy team leader and long and short-term experts to MoEY in Moldova to assist in creation of wide access to high quality vocational education and training which facilitates its role in developing human resources and increased efficiency on the labour market. The project has eight components:

  1. Elaboration of National VET Programme;
  2. Establishment of a Teachers Training Centre;
  3. Creation of a Labour Market Information system;
  4. Enhanced Social Dialogue in VET;
  5. Strengthening of Career Guidance and Professional Guidance;
  6. Inclusion of 16 – 18 years old drop outs;
  7. Inclusion of vulnerable groups in the VET system;
  8. Enhance entrepreneurial capacity of the VET graduates.
Financed bySIDA
Project titleReform of VET Systems, Serbia Capacity Building and Implementation Support Phase II
PeriodDecember 2005 – December 2007
Services provided

Provision of a long-term expert on curriculum development, responsible for:

  • strengtdening the capacity of national and local actors:
    • to design and implement new vocational education and training programmes for young people and adults (HRD
    • curriculum development)
Financed byEU Cards
CountrySyrian Arab Republic
Project titleModernisation of Vocational Education and Training
PeriodDecember 2004 – December 2008
Services provided

Provision of an expert in assessment of apprenticeship systems, responsible for:

  • a consultative process with the National Apprenticeship Committee,
  • an assessment of the pilot apprenticeship programme and clear recommendations on its relevance for other programmes.
  • workshops on the findings and suggestions implemented.
  • an expansion strategy of the pilot apprenticeship programme to other programmes.
  • an apprenticeship expansion monitoring plan.
Financed byEU Meda
Project titleWork-linked training programmes
PeriodNovember 2004 – May 2005
Services provided

Provision of short term expert.

  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of the pilot work-linked/traineeship initiative in target regions regarding flexibility and employability of labour, providing life-long opportunities and accessible to everyone.
  • Proposal on how to strengthen the overall effectiveness of the traineeship initiative within the pilot regions.
  • Proposal on issues to be considered arising from any MoER decision to expand the scheme.
Financed byPhare
Project titlePhare Twinning Support for CVT
PeriodOctober 2004 – July 2005
Services provided

Provision of short term expert.

  • Development of a national strategy for CVT involving Ministry of Education and Research (MER), Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family (MLSSF), National Agency of Employment (NAE), National Adult Training Board(NATB) Social Partners and Training Providers.
  • Support to set-up of Sectoral Committee for Building and Construction, incl. structure, statutes, organisation, tasks and responsibilities, training needs.
  • Development of curricula and training materials.
  • Training of trainers.
  • Selection of training providers.
Financed byPhare
Project titleTechnical Assistance for Vocational Education Training Programme in Kosovo (KOSVET II)
PeriodSeptember 2004 – October 2006
Services provided

Provision of a long-term expert, responsible for:

  •  improved VET system delivery through human resource capacity building in developing and implementing improved VET provision
  • Curriculum Development and Teacher Training.
Financed byEU Cards
Project titleTechnical support to modernisation of the Ethiopian Railway
PeriodSeptember 2004 – October 2004
Services provided

Provision of an expert, responsible for

  • development of a redundancy plan and suggestion for a social safety network for 1000 redundant workers at Ethiopian- Djibouti Railway,
  • establishment of employee owned SME businesses, VET, CVET training, skills analysis, reintegration opportunities,
  • provision  of a training program for entrepreneurship start up and self employment opportunities
Financed byEU
Project titleSupport to Vocational Education and Training Reform in Albania I
PeriodMarch 2004 – February 2006
Services provided

Expert on Curriculum Development and Teacher Training.

  •  introduction of modular-competency based curricula,
  • training of staff in 4 regional VET training centres in the techniques of individual competency-based learning,
  • training in development of new modularised curricula for initial and continuing training.
Financed byEU Cards
Project titleSupport to the Turkish Employment Organisation – ISKUR
PeriodOctober 2003 – March 2006
Services provided

Provision of long and short-term advisors to ISKUR

  • to strengthen its institutional capacity on policy development and consolidation and the operational performance;
  • to support ISKUR with studies and analysis into the labour market requirements, trends and changes in supply and demand;
  • to assist ISKUR and the CFCU in the technical and financial management of a grant scheme for promoting active employment measures;
  • to assist in the preparation of and supervise construction/renovation of ISKUR provincial employment offices.

In the policy component among other outputs a national HRD strategy was elaborated togetder with 25 separate labour market analyses.

Financed byEU MEDA
Project titleClearing the path to employment for youths
PeriodOctober 2002 – September 2003
Services provided

Provision of team leader.

  • Conduct of a labour market analysis in order to set up active measures towards employment of youths (18-29 yrs).
  • Guidelines and operational manual for grant schemes.
  • Organisational structures and training of key persons involved in implementation of grants.
Financed byPhare
Project title“Vocational Training” and “Renovating Vocational Training Institutes”
PeriodFebruary 2002 – July 2002
Services provided

Technical Assistance to ESF type projects to improve the employment perspectives of the unemployed and the qualifications of employees in two target regions. Provision of training of local teachers/trainers in development of modular curriculum design and implementation.

Financed byEU – Framework
Project titleAssistance to employment policy in Armenia
PeriodOctober 2000 – April 2001 and January 2002 – June 2002
Services provided

Provision of long term expert.

  • Set-up of organisational structures.
  • Management training of key persons within the Employment Services on central, regional and local level.
  • Implementation of 3 pilot offices.
Financed byTACIS