Project titleMonitoring the Implementation by the GoG of the VET SPSP
PeriodMay to December 2011
Services provided

Provision of replacement Team Leader

  • Reports (Aide Memoires, Mid-term and Final)
  • Recommendations on co-ordination of activities between the MoES, its Agencies and other institutions, organisations and between donors;
  • Assessment of capacity building (including training needs) of the MoES and its Agencies;
  • Advice and recommendations on the policy of quality management in VET, guidelines and procedures – including development of the NQF system;
  • Draft ToRs submitted by the MoES and/or its Agencies and agreed with the EU Delegation for the Technical Assistance component of the Programme;
  • A 1-day workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of VET programmes;
  • A manual on tracer studies for monitoring the employment rate of VET graduates;
  • A 1 day workshop on drafting different types of reports – including monitoring and progress reports;
  • Proposal for a monitoring system based on enrolment, drop-out, graduation and employment rates of VET students;
Financed byEuropeAid/127054/C/SER7multi

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