Project titleTechnical Assistance for Strengthening the Capacity in Management, Leadership and Planning of the Ministry of Labour of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (MOL)
PeriodSeptember 2008 – May 2009
Services provided

Provision of team leader.

  • Delivering a training programme in management and leadership for the MOL top management group, combined with day-to-day supervision – Five interactive courses for 12-15 participants lasting 1-2 days each.
  • Introducing the top Management Group to Management by Objectives (MbO) as alternative to Management by Law in combination with Labour Market Information System (LMI). – Two one day seminars for 12-15 participants.
  • Carry out a training needs analyses (TNA) together with selected MoL staff.
  • Provide support to the operation of MOL through required staff training by delivering a number of workshops and training seminars.
    a) three training sessions in quality management lasting one day each for Department supervisors – 12-15 participants.
    b) three training sessions in daily quality management and motivation for staff facing new tasks, services delivery and identification of qualifications required. Each sessions lasting two days for 12-15 participants.
  • Organise a workshop in planning and target setting and proper use of staff – 1 day workshop for 12-15 top managers of MOL.
  • Support the MOL internally in planning TVET training based on observed training needs of the labour market.
  • A seminar delivered to a selected group of staff and an audience including the social partners, other international projects and other stake holders.
Financed byEU MEDA

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