Project titleTechnical Assistance to the MoES on Life Long Learning
PeriodFebruary 2008 – February 2010
Services provided

Provision of a key expert, assigned to:

  • Contribute to developing the basic skills programme, specifically leading on development of curriculum content for literacy, numeracy, basic vocational, employability and entrepreneurship skills;
  • Prepare and implement workshops on aspects of programme design including curriculum development on literacy, numeracy, vocational, entrepreneurship and employability skills and cross-cutting issues for the curriculum developers;
  • Prepare and implement the training programme for adult basic skills trainers, including training on the implementation of practical skills training for low-skilled adults;
  • Support trainers in preparing their pilot programmes and development of training materials for literacy, numeracy, selected vocational skills, entrepreneurship and employability;
  • Provide support and feedback to trainers during implementation of the pilot courses, and contribute to the evaluation of the programme.
Financed byEU Cards

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